Only one DAT has Enhanced Roms?

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Re: Only one DAT has Enhanced Roms?

Post by TheShadowRunner » 28 Mar 2017 17:58

Densetsu wrote:Also I suggest compiling a list with those "pending" games, hope we will be able to take care of them in the future...
Oh yes, here goes:
List of roms in the GBC DAT which compatibility with GB (DMG) is unknown/undefined.

Code: Select all

- Karate Joe (Europe) (Unl)
- Space Invasion & Karate Joe (Europe) (Unl)
- Space Invasion & Painter (Europe)
- Space Invasion (Europe)
- Street Hero (Taiwan) (En) (1B-004, EB-004, Sachen) (Unl)
- Tezhong Budui 2 - Jidi (China) (Li Cheng) (Unl)

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