Question about Mach Rider (Rev A)

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Question about Mach Rider (Rev A)

Post by arkazal » 13 Dec 2010 01:44

I've noticed that GoodNES doesn't label Mach Rider REV-A as a USA version (it's Japanese only), and bootgod's database has multiple dumps of Mach Rider USA but no Revision A dump for it at all, yet there is a Revision A dump for the Japanese version. However, in your DAT file, you call Rev A of this game USA and Japan. Is there any evidence of this, or should USA be removed from Rev A for this game? Mach Rider is extremely old, very popular, and as far as I know not rare at all, so I'd be surprised if both GoodNES and bootgod just haven't come across a Rev A for USA yet. Perhaps this was an oversight...?

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Re: Question about Mach Rider (Rev A)

Post by BigFred » 13 Dec 2010 20:05

Not sure - but it appears to be unlikely it was released in canada and not USA as rev A. we need to search farther for a 100% confirmation of course. New tag for Japan, Canada? maybe...

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