Final Fantasy IV (Japan) & Final Fantasy IV (Japan) (Rev A)

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Re: Final Fantasy IV (Japan) & Final Fantasy IV (Japan) (Rev

Post by layzee » 16 Oct 2012 10:10

layzee wrote:Now to check if I can reproduce it with my own cart.
A follow-up to the thread:

I tested the bug on both of my FFIV carts (Rev A and non-Rev A/Rev 0). The bug did not appear on the former but appeared on the latter which obviously means that I'm the proud owner of the obscure and rare Rev 0!

Not that anyone cares of course.

Still, anyone else own a copy? I know Yakushi-Kabuto does or did (he uploaded the ROM for No-Intro). Some other guy on another gaming forum also does. So that's three including me.

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