Super Troll Islands Megadrive/Genesis

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Super Troll Islands Megadrive/Genesis

Post by logik1 » 03 Mar 2013 16:10

Way back in around '92/'93 my first job in the games industry was porting the SNES game Super Troll Islands to the Amiga and a friend of mine had the job of converting it to the Megadrive.

Half way through the conversion the Amiga game was re-branded as Mr Blobby and pinned for a UK only release.

Both games were finished and it seems I cannot find any mention of the Megadrive version anywhere at all on the internet...

Perhaps it was released with a different name to Super Troll Islands on the Megadrive?, I cannot really remember after all this time. What I do remember for certain though is that the game was finished and sent off for master... I distinctly remember as on submission day the programmer who ported it suddenly realized he had twice as much ROM space than he though he had, so he included the ROM twice to fill it up! :)

Anyhoo, either my Google-Fu skills are letting me down, or this game never saw the shelves, or its simply been forgotten about. I thought I would ask here to see if anybody had any clues about it?

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Re: Super Troll Islands Megadrive/Genesis

Post by hydr0x » 05 Mar 2013 09:47

Mh, interesting. Do you by any chance still have leftover items from then? Early builds, development documents, anything? I'd be quite interested in those to properly preserve them. A Mega Drive version was indeed never released :(

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Re: Super Troll Islands Megadrive/Genesis

Post by logik1 » 06 Mar 2013 12:10

This is about as much as I've been able to find...

The thing is, I've only just come to realize that it was never released... 20 years later!

Org $0
DC.L TheStack,CodeStart ; 68000 Vectors.

IF DBugOn = Yes
DC.L BusErr ; Bus Error ($8)
DC.L AddErr ; Address Error ($C)

IF DBugXTra = Yes
DC.L InsErr ; Illegal Instruction ($10)

Org $14
DC.L DivErr ; Division By Zero ($14)
DC.L CHKErr ; CHK Instruction ($18)
DC.L TrVErr ; TRAPV Instruction ($1C)
DC.L PriErr ; Privilege Violation ($20)

IF DBugXTra = Yes
Org $24
DC.L TraErr ; Trace ($24)
DC.L LiAErr ; Axxx Instruction Emulation ($28)

Org $2C
DC.L LiFErr ; Fxxx Instruction Emulation ($2C)
DC.L 0 ; $30
DC.L 0 ; $34
DC.L 0 ; $38

Org $70
DC.L HorInt ; Level 4
DC.L 0 ; Level 5
DC.L VertInt ; Level 6
DC.L 0 ; Level 7

Org $100
DC.B "SEGA MEGA DRIVE " ;100 ; ROM info.
DC.B "(C)SEGA 1994.AUG" ;110 Company ID,release date (month)
DC.B "TROLL ISLANDS " ;120 Game title (US)
DC.B " "
DC.B " "
DC.B "TROLL ISLANDS " ;150) - - (Japanese)
DC.B " "
DC.B " "
DC.B "GM T-1370 -26" ;180 Cartridge cat & Production No
DC.W $d1c4 ; checksum
DC.B "J " ;190 Peripheral types
DC.L 0,$7ffff ;1a0 ROM capacity (s,e)
DC.L $ff0000,$ffffff ;1a8 RAM capacity (s,e)
DC.B " " ;1b0 External ram info
DC.B " " ;1bc Modem
DCB.B 40," " ;1c8 40 spaces
DC.B "JUE " ;1f0 Release Countries
CodeStart IncBin SegaInit.BIN ; Sega's bit of code ($200-$300).

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