psp dat not named by number

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psp dat not named by number

Post by limst » 26 Apr 2013 02:37

hello,I was collecting psp games,but some games were missing.
the psp dat was not by number,so I was hardly to know which game was missing.
and in the dat,there are more than 3100 games and in the offlinelist dat it was more than 2900 games.
so could you tell me why,many games I could not find on the internet,or may be hasnt't been released

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Re: psp dat not named by number

Post by xuom2 » 26 Apr 2013 07:26

psp set will not be numbered soon, numbers will appear maybe when the releases will stop.
i understand that numbers are useful to index the dumps, but records in database aren't ordered by release date, at the moment.
a lot of re-indexing is needed, and it is not the actual priority.

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Re: psp dat not named by number

Post by KingHanco » 29 Aug 2013 11:01

I been using the dat files over here at

Yea no numbers on any that is listed on these. :)

Sony - PlayStation Portable > UMD

Sony - PlayStation Portable (DLC) > Games files. Missing a ton that isn't listed yet. Still at early stage?

Sony - PlayStation Portable (PSN) > Games ISO.

Sony - PlayStation Portable (PSX2PSP) > Something doesn't seem right with this dat file. None of my PSOne Classic games matches. Don't know this is where the games are rip from PSX or what. Don't trust this dat file at all. I been using Renascene database. Matches their CRC just fine. :(

You see why now.

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