[VIC-20] 50 Game-roms need re-dump

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[VIC-20] 50 Game-roms need re-dump

Post by Vicman » 08 May 2013 17:05

Hi all,

First : I know the "Dumper/Maintainer" of the VIC-20 roms/dat's Lukeage is Missing In Action....
However, maybe he comes back one day, and can help here...
Or maybe someone else here have the knowledge to re-dump the no-intro roms.

I've checked all 237 VIC-20 Game dumps, and 50 of the roms are bad dumps -> meaning they don't work in Emu VICE
(unless i do need some unknown settings in VICE)

I would suggest some guys here should also check the roms and confirm my post.
Thanks for reading,

- Vicman

I have to correct my post above :
38 of the 50 roms are working when using the older VICE versions WinVice v1.22 & v2.1
(i have first checked the roms with VICE v2.2 & v2.4 (newest version atm.)

Now, i found out that this roms works in v1.22 & 2.1 :
(unfortunately in VICE 1.22 & 2.1 you can not change the ascpect ratio, so it looks like on a real TV)

Code: Select all

A.E. (World).zip   ->   working, but game-screen is weird
Alphabet Zoo (Japan, USA).zip
Arachnoid (World).zip
Artillery Duel (Japan, USA).zip
Battlezone (Japan, USA).zip
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (World).zip
Centipede (Japan, USA).zip
Dancing Bear, The (Japan, USA).zip
Defender (World) (v1.1).zip
Dig Dug (Japan, USA).zip
Donkey Kong (Japan, USA).zip
E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial (Europe) (Alt 1).zip
Flipper 1.0 (Japan, USA).zip
In the Chips (Japan, USA).zip
Jungle Hunt (Japan, USA).zip
K-Razy Antiks (Europe).zip
K-Star Patrol (Europe).zip
Kindercomp (World).zip
Lode Runner (World).zip
Mastertype (World).zip
Meteor Run (Europe).zip
Moon Patrol (Japan, USA).zip
Mountain King (Japan, USA).zip
Ms. Pac-Man (Japan, USA).zip
Outworld (Japan, USA).zip
Pharaoh's Curse (World) (Alt 1).zip
Pharaoh's Curse (World).zip
Pinball (Europe).zip
Pinball Spectacular (Japan, USA).zip
Pole Position (Japan, USA).zip
Satellites and Meteorites! (Japan, USA).zip
Seafox (Japan, USA).zip
Skyblazer (Japan, USA).zip
Springer (Japan, USA).zip
Squish'Em (Japan, USA).zip
Story Machine (World) (Alt 1).zip
Story Machine (World).zip
Submarine Commander (World).zip
So, we still have 12 roms where i can't figure out to run them in VICE :
any help/ideas would be fine.

Code: Select all

Adventureland Adventure (World) (SYS 32592).zip
Amidar (Europe).zip
Cannonball Blitz (Japan, USA).zip
Count Adventure, The (World) (SYS 32592).zip
E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial (Europe).zip
Lunar Leeper (Japan, USA).zip
Mission Impossible Adventure (World) (SYS 32592).zip
Pirate's Cove Adventure (World) (SYS 32592).zip
Sargon II Chess (Japan, USA).zip
Scram 20 (World).zip
Tutankham (World).zip
Voodoo Castle Adventure (World) (SYS 32592).zip

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Re: [VIC-20] 50 Game-roms need re-dump

Post by Vicman » 12 May 2013 10:28

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