Game Header revival?

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Game Header revival?

Post by FidoFuz » 20 Aug 2014 16:04

I noticed on the DOM site there is a need for a replacement for the Game Header application. Not sure if that need still exists but I thought I'd have a play and implement basic 7z support into Game Header.

I'm not sure where to go from here:
1. Game Header should continue development under a different developer (not sure if the original developer might be miffed but he's MIA anyways).
2. Develop a new application with the existing Game Header functionality and expand on it.
3. There's no real need for the app so I should stop wasting my time.

I've attached a prototype which was derived from reverse engineering the existing Game Header, adding basic 7z support and repackaging. If someone wants to give it a go and give some feedback on what should happen now?
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Re: Game Header revival?

Post by xuom2 » 22 Aug 2014 06:14

finally something is moving :ninja:

point3: I personally use GH every time I need hash data to submit to DOM, but I consider it outdated and maybe other similar softwares (like Crappy Tiny Reader) are actually doing its job. I don't know if you are wasting time, the user base will be small, but it will grow if you add more and more (and more :P) features...

if you work from the old tool's code, I suggest to leave the previous credits, add your and name the revisions like "hack1", "hack2", etc.

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