amiibo DAT?

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Special T
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amiibo DAT?

Post by Special T » 14 Jan 2016 14:50

Has anyone thought about creating a dat file for the amiibo data found on the chips inside amiibo figurines?

I think they would be worth archiving since they augment game play and some do so in a pretty profound way e.g. Shovel Knight

There is already a dat file for 3DS/DSi DLC and even Xbox360 Title Updates. So I think this would make sense to archive as well.

The same argument could be had for Disney Infinity / Skylanders figurine data.


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Re: amiibo DAT?

Post by darksabre76 » 14 Jan 2016 20:40

Looks like something of the sort has been tried but shut down publicly pretty quickly: ... es.357678/ Doesn't mean that it isn't doable in a more private sphere...

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