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Naming questions

Post by Hiccup » 19 Feb 2016 20:16

Note: I'm not necessarily looking for a definite answer, because I know that one might not exist.

For demo entries in the db:
  • should the name say where the demo is from, even if there is no need to differentiate? i.e. should it be Super Mario Bros. (USA) (Demo) (Kiosk,E3), even if there is no Super Mario Bros. (USA) (Demo) (Kiosk)?
  • Should the "demo source" info be in the Additional or Special field? i.e. should it be Super Mario Bros. (USA) (Demo) (Kiosk,E3) or Super Mario Bros. (USA) (Demo) (Kiosk) (E3)?
These questions also apply to multiboot software (which is/would be in a different dat), because sometimes there is a multiboot kiosk demo in the multiboot dat, but no physical kiosk demo in the normal dat.

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