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Post by 777gamer » 05 Sep 2016 22:30

i seen that some games that are listed as japan or europe are usa when you look at country region selection at kegas fusion switch they are in usa position when it should be in the region the game is as well
some examples

mega games vol 1 2 and 3 are (Europe) and when you load it is in (Usa position)
there are many games whit the same ''problem'' i guess
did someone know what is the cause?

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Re: regions

Post by KingMike » 07 Sep 2016 19:35

Probably due to the region in the internal Sega header in the ROM.
Some games have multiple regions "allowed" in the header.
My guess is that Kega picks the first of the allowed regions based on your preference order.

The Master Games have region set to "F" which I think means "All", as Genesis/MD has four regions: NSTC/Japan, NTSC/USA, PAL/Europe, PAL/Asia (thus region bits "1111" which is F in hexadecimal. At least I assume that is the significance.).
I think that is the region GoodTools originally identified as "F" before changing it to "W" for World (probably to distinguish from F for France, used in other console Good sets).

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