Google Play Store (Android)/App Store (iOS) dat

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Google Play Store (Android)/App Store (iOS) dat

Post by Hiccup » 29 Jan 2018 12:25

If you wanted to make a dat file for APK or IPA files, how would you go about it? Do APKs/IPAs contain unique data or are they the same between devices? Is there encryption? Can you download from a store to a PC or do you need an Android/iOS device or emulation? Do the APKs that are stored on devices differ from the ones downloaded (i.e. are they modified after downloading?).

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Re: Google Play Store (Android)/App Store (iOS) dat

Post by Collecter » 31 Jan 2018 15:20

Lol good luck making a dat for apks with the billion games in the store and each game having 50+ updates :D
Would you include only games or programs too?
What about firmwares/stock roms?
And only games from big devs or some kids unity game aswell? xD

Some of the first gameloft games even have different apks depending on the gpu of the phone (adreno, mali, powervr)

And some times developers may release a very quick bugfix which will replace the bugged version and the only way to get that removed version is to find whoever managed to download it and ask him to make a backup of the apk :(

Then there are many many androidgames which require the data file called obb which i think should be part of the dat if such dat is made... just imagine trying to find some 2gb obb file in every part of the web to get its crc32 for games like gangstar vegas for example which had 25 big updates and every time the 2gb obb file was different

Iphone should probably be easier since it aint got million phones like android but then again you would need to find updates for many games and im sure the files are already lost forever

Maybe if a dat was made when android and ios were just released and many people helped with the project then maybe such a dat could be possible...

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