[SMS] Altered Beast PCB variant

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[SMS] Altered Beast PCB variant

Post by RetroGamer » 25 Mar 2019 00:44

I have those 2 versions of Alteread Beast for Master System with different MPR codes.
Anyone dumped those 2 versions and the resulting dump matched the DB?
I have seen many exemples of MD carts where the same game was in a single ROM chip and in 2 ROM chips but i never saw that in a Master System game...

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Re: [SMS] Altered Beast PCB variant

Post by KingMike » 25 Mar 2019 02:27

That variation is somewhat common among Master System games.
With 2 chips, one of them is a mapper chip and the other is a ROM.
The 1-chip variations are a custom ROM with the mapper embedded.
(I do remember in the early days even a certain major SMS fansite writting about making repros with discrete mapper PCBs, before repro scamming was common.)

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