[MD] Mr. Nutz 2 proto

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[MD] Mr. Nutz 2 proto

Post by etabeta » 09 Aug 2012 08:32

I've seen that nointro has added the proto compiled from the source code with CRC: 0x7674414a

well, to my knowledge, this file you included is not the correct one. Indeed MetalliC (the russian guy which compiled the source code) went through a lot of trouble setting up the options in the compiler and, as a result, the build you included has a graphical glitch when you pause the game, due to the program he used to convert the binary into a rom for the MD. the proper build, where the conversion from binary has been done by hand (but no changes have been done to the original binary), has CRC: 0x2bfcaa3e

below, I include a small summary of the existing roms, for your information (taken from the MESS software list)
NOTE: several roms exist for this game
- CRC: 4b8fc40d (2012-04-10) - only part of the source of the levels was compiled
- CRC: 7b4bc885 (2012-04-10) - all levels compiled, but not working
- CRC: 7674414a (2012-04-10) - all levels compiled, working (but e.g. glitch if you pause the game)
- CRC: 2bfcaa3e (2012-04-25) - final rom assembled by hand from the binary code (the glitches above were due to the routine used to create the rom from the binary)
Notice that these are not working on real hardware due to bugged code with VDP init (and/or interrupts)
- CRC: 237fb077 (2012-04-25) - 'fixed' version for hardware which patches the source code to make the game work on a console

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Re: [MD] Mr. Nutz 2 proto

Post by eke-eke » 22 May 2013 22:40

Kind of late I know but I just recently noticed this bunch of builds and I was curious about them .

Has the Pause bug been confirmed on real hardware ? What kind of bug are we exactly talking about ?
What does "the glitches above were due to the routine used to create the rom from the binary" exactly mean ?
Because I didn't notice anything wrong or different in my emulator or on my PAL MD2 (@50 or 60hz), with neither 0x7674414a or 0x2bfcaa3e builds

As for the crash on real hardware, I indeed got a a crash exception with both roms if Hard Reset is disabled on my MD everdrive.
However, both roms start fine once crashed when you press the RESET button (only resets CPU).
Also both will boot fine if Hard Reset is enabled in Everdrive settings when starting the game (I guess the TMSS bootrom initializes some stuff properly).

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