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GCE Vectrex

Post by hornpipe2 » 23 Jan 2014 22:07

Starting a topic for discussing this system, the dat is a bit of a mess. I'm new to this, so someone enlighten me to the proper channel to get these fixed... and/or debate with me as to whether or not this stuff needs fixing.

Issues I am seeing...
  • An updated prototype of Mail Plane has been discovered and released.
    (Note, I already opened a discussion in the main Dat-o-Matic about this, so it should perhaps be resolved there)
    URL for the new version here: http://www.vectrex.com/games/Mail_Plane/
    I am not sure how No-Intro handles old version prototypes, do you keep them around, or leave that to GoodTools?
  • One particular rarity "Mr. Boston Clean Sweep" doesn't appear in the No-Intro database, although a working dump exists. http://vectrexmuseum.com/collection/vec ... Boston.php

    Code: Select all

      File: Mr. Boston Clean Sweep.vec
    CRC-32: bd4da4c2
       MD4: b20a32db9722edf963373b442afd4020
       MD5: 1c95cf8fcd2c98db747208ade464a44f
     SHA-1: 299841a116e59399af4e74ccae23ddfc078e007b
  • I am having a difficult time finding "official" (or even "proto") information for Berzerk Debugged and Star Trek Debugged.
    I think these are actually hacks sold later by ClassicGameCreations.com, and didn't really exist way-back-when.
    See: http://www.vectrex.nl/docs/vectrex-faq-60.txt (section 2.7)
  • Some of the games on the "undumped" splat are highly questionable and don't appear on any compiled lists of Vectrex games. These are my references:
    https://web.archive.org/web/20110119092 ... m/index.pl (!)

    In short, these items don't really exist aside from rumor:
    Air Combat (USA) (Proto)
    Android cart (USA) (Proto)
    Art cart (USA) (Proto)
    Citadel (USA) (Proto)

    This one actually needs to be found and dumped, as some version exists in some form:
    3D Pole Position (USA) (Proto)
    EDIT: This item was a fake, just a changed title screen on a multicart.

    And these need dumps *only to confirm / deny that they are 1:1 matches for the USA versions*

    Harmagedon (Japan) - aka Star Trek
    Scramble Wars (Japan) - aka Scramble
    Soccer Football (Europe) (Rev Hong-Kong) - aka Heads-Up Action Soccer
    Soccer Football (Europe) (Rev Ireland)
    Flipper Pinball (Europe) (Rev Hong-Kong) - aka Spinball
    Flipper Pinball (Europe) (Rev Ireland)
More to come...?
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Re: GCE Vectrex

Post by hornpipe2 » 29 Mar 2014 04:24

Nobody replied to me and months went by... I submitted new discussions to the main database page to have Berzerk Debugged and Star Trek Debugged removed, plus adding Mr. Boston Clean Sweep. (It should be a clone of parent Clean Sweep, though)

This thread from the Vector Gaming Boards helped me get a few things straightened out:
http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/threa ... -intro-dat

The entire "no dump" splat should probably be removed, as it refers to games which either a) don't exist, or b) are dupes of other releases, with a different name.

The last thing that needs to be sorted out is that of the BIOS / MineStorm releases. I will do a little more research and see what I can figure out from there.

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Re: GCE Vectrex

Post by Vectrexer » 11 May 2014 17:37

I am the person that dumped the "3D Pole Position (USA) (Proto)"

This was an acquisition from FR Wilk (http://frwilk.com/) way back when he was selling Vectrex items. Sold as a genuine ROM. I might class this more in the realm of an early development mock up at best. Later he relayed that he had not tested the ROM before selling it it. Other than Floyd's word, and general rumors before Floyd's sale, on it I have no other confirmation on it's history or validity.
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Re: GCE Vectrex

Post by Vectrexer » 11 May 2014 17:45

This thread touches on a subject I have been thinking about performing. A general re-bumping of all Vectrex games along with their confirm origin and/or intended sales region. A checkup for all games would be good to have to verify.

I would excluded the titles where the author or owner has not given permission.
The homebrew titles being a good case in point (Christopher Tumber, etc.) An author's checksum for the various versions would be good to have if possible.
Also other original titles/demos/custom work where that public release is not available (Android movie graphics, etc.) But at least get a checkup of the title from the owner if possible.

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Re: GCE Vectrex

Post by xuom2 » 24 Oct 2016 06:19

updated :sdrop:

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