[PCE] Gomola Speed - Bad dump in DB

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[PCE] Gomola Speed - Bad dump in DB

Post by Maddog » 21 Feb 2019 20:28

I have identified a rom image in the dat that after some careful examination I feel is certainly bad.
I have already marked as such in my TOSEC dat, but was thinking that maybe NoIntro also needs to adjust its' dat.

This is the dump in question.
<rom name="Gomola Speed (Japan).pce" size="393216" crc="9A353AFD" md5="1E0CAD9F5A6633227225D885C09B5F43" sha1="38DD1BC9968D65119BFB638FB197BA45D7784CFC"/>

This appears to be byte-for-byte identical to an image matching GoodPCE Gomola Speed (J) [a1], minus the two final bytes (the GoodPCE rom I have is 393218 bytes long instead of 393216). I don't know the circumstances under which this dump got entered into the DB, but it doesn't appear to have been submitted to NoIntro as a new dump. Most likely someone just "corrected" the wrong size of the GoodPCE rom. Anyway, this part is just guesswork...

What is definite is that the rom in NI dat has corrupt graphics, which are not present in the rom which both me and GoodPCE believe is correct:
<rom name="Gomola Speed (1990)(UPL)(JP)(en).pce" size="393216" crc="4bd38f17" md5="58418c0db028885a2f49abf4993f2b0e" sha1="fe4b08fb0cd9d0a53726c2709db3e31fbeae1213"/>

This game has a hidden debug mode, which also contains a tile viewer. See details on how to activate and use here: https://tcrf.net/Gomola_Speed
I observed that when you view the graphics in this, some of them are corrupt in the 9A353AFD NI rom but correct in the 4bd38f17 TOSEC/GoodPCE rom. See attached zip. Files Gomola1-4 come from the (surely bad) NI rom, whiles Gomola5-8 are from the (likely good) TOSEC/GoodPCE rom, in both cases running on Ootake emulator.

I would like it if someone can verify my findings and if found valid adjust the dat accordingly. Cheers :)
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Re: [PCE] Gomola Speed - Bad dump in DB

Post by omonim2007 » 22 Feb 2019 11:31

Thank you so much!

There are a lot of familiar cases in PCE dat.
As I know in most cases the problems appear in corrupted graphics.
I wrote some time ago to Chris Covell and sent him around 20-30 similar files - "xxx (J).pce" + "xxx J [a1].pce", after analyzing them he came to the conclusion that it is impossible to make an unequivocal conclusion about good/bad dumps and we have only one way out - to make a redump.

Anyway I checked GoodPCE info and it seems alternative 2-byte longer [a1] dump is indeed bad.
How to prove this? Yes, only to make a redump ))

I changed hash info in DoM.

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