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Action Replay

Post by root » 18 Sep 2004 23:45

Rif: 184 Action Replay \ NGEfreak on 19th September 2004, 00:45 wrote:

0235 - Action Replay GBX (E) [a]
0244 - Action Replay GBX (F)
1177 - Action Replay (F) (v3.3)
These dumps were dumped after the first boot of the device, i.e. some settings were saved (language, etc). I've created IPS patches to restore the default settings.

Version 1.0. This is exactly the same as 0227. It's not really needed.

Version 1.0 too, but a few cheats were added. Probably the owner of the device added those. Unneeded?

Version 3.3. Current rom is overdumped.

Redump of a virgin AR3.3 is needed.

New CRCs:
0235: deadbeef ;)
0244: 45bb6f4e
1177: 4304bd2d


/ LoveHina on 20-Sep-2004 06:29 wrote:

1177.ips patch the file crc from 20D8AE7E to 5FC7E75C. What's the problem?


/ Hakkk on 20-Sep-2004 06:51 wrote:



/ alcoatjez on 20-Sep-2004 10:20 wrote:

So first resize the rom to 2mbit and then apply the ips patch. Thanks NGEfreak :)


/ Hakkk on 20-Sep-2004 16:17 wrote:

Or first apply the ips patch and then resize. Both method are OK :)


/ LoveHina on 21-Sep-2004 02:33 wrote:

thanks all! sorry for my carelessness. i havn't read the message at all ... :P

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