3DS USA Undumped List 04-04-2018

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Re: 3DS USA Undumped List 21-03-2018

Post by Myria » 25 Mar 2018 09:06

relax wrote:
Myria wrote:I have the Canadian and American Nintendo Selects editions of A Link Between Worlds. The dump is a bytewise match of the revision 0 release.
Thanks for the info. Could you post the production number on the back of the cart?
Canadian: BZLEZ70202 -> December 2017, revision 0
American: BZLEZ70411 -> December 2017, revision 0

I also have the British version, whose data is identical to the Australian one I have from 2014:
British: BZLP570224 -> May 2017, revision 0

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Re: 3DS USA Undumped List 25-03-2018

Post by relax » 25 Mar 2018 09:41

Thanks, I removed the Nintendo Selects version of A Link Between Worlds from the unconfirmed list.

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