DSiWare JP/US/EU/AUS/KO/CH (DSi Shop closes in March 2017)

Post information about undumped games here.
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Re: DSiWare JP/US/EU/AUS/KO/CH (DSi Shop closes in March 201

Post by Buddybenj » 20 Apr 2017 18:19

ssjbrollyus wrote:So if points cannot be added do a DSi anymore I suppose 3DS will be the only valid dumping method from now on? Unless you are sitting on a DSi with a truckload of points that is.

Why not start a donation pool towards buying the missing games? There's still a lot of stuff to preserve, even US and Euro are only at 50%.
The DSi shop is closed now, so even if one has unspent points, they're worthless now. However, games that one has purchased can still be downloaded (although Nintendo says this will eventually come to an end too). Games that are already downloaded can always be dumped. So, one can either buy games with a 3DS or hope to stumble upon a DSi with undumped games.

By the way, some DSiWare games on the 3DS shop may be removed without warning (due to licensing or copyright reasons), so if you want to buy a DSiWare game on the 3DS for dumping, do it soon.

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Re: DSiWare JP/US/EU/AUS/KO/CH (DSi Shop closes in March 201

Post by ssjbrollyus » 24 Apr 2017 12:03

I have no interest on owning a 3DS, but I'm interested on preserving games and by the looks of it seems like many DSiWare games will be lost forever which is terrible.
So I still think a donation pool put together by someone who owns a 3DS and thus can buy/dump the games would be the most effective way of getting as much games dumped as possible.

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