[SNES]Return of Double Dragon / Super Double Dragon

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[SNES]Return of Double Dragon / Super Double Dragon

Post by fprietog » 06 May 2012 14:26

First of all I want to say "hello!" to everybody cause this is my first post.

I have some doubts about the SNES ROMs "Return of the Double Dragon" and "Super Double Dragon".

In the DAT-o-MATIC database "Return of Double Dragon (Japan)" is listed as clone of "Super Double Dragon (Europe)". I don't know the criteria followed in order to give parenting/clone attributes to a ROM, but, in this case I think that it's not correct.

"Return of Double Dragon (Japan)" is a kind of improvement over "Super Double Dragon" (Europe and USA). Here are several differences:

- "Return..." copyright is for "TECHNOS JAPAN CORP." while "Super..." copyright is for "TECHNOS JAPAN CORP." too, but licensed to "TRADEWEST. INC.":
Image Image

- "Return..." has an options menu where you can choose difficulty, number of credits and test the sounds and effects:
Image Image
"Super..." doesn't have it:

- in-game differences are notorious. Some are:
- the end is different.
- the missions order and their map are very similar but with differences. In example, the final mission in "Return..." is longer (different maps at the end) and most difficult than in "Super..." (in example, prior to beat the final boss there is a re-match with all the previous bosses one by one).
- some maps are different. In example, apart from the commented above, there is a mission where you need to cross a bridge in both games that have a hole to jump. But also, in "Return...", parts of the bridge falls when you step on them while in "Super..." the bridge is "secure".
- the music are similar but are assigned to the missions in different order.
- the enemies are clever in "Return..." (in example, the enemies that throws boomerangs can re-catch it as it returns).

For these reasons I think the real parent is "Return of Double Dragon (Japan)". It affects to the other clones listed (USA and European Beta versions).

Thanks and best regards.

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