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game id

Post by xuom2 » 07 Jul 2018 09:04

Adding "game id" data...

I'm thinking it was not a bad idea (suggested by Connie?) to put a GameID generic string to the "archive" table and export it to datfile as <gameid></gameid>. It may be useful for people that want to have more data in xml datfiles.

"archive" table can go directly to xml datfile. The result will be something like:

<game name="abc">
<rom name="abc" size=... serial="APCE"/>

In most cases, like NDS, the file serial will be identical to archive's gameid, and duplicated in datfile. When romfiles contain no serial, gameid will be useful.

Any other additional information can go to "media" table. At the moment it's not possible to copy "media" data to standard datfile.

@SonGoku: no problem in bulk submitting archive data (<gameid>APCE</gameid>). It's more complicated to bulk submit file serial (<rom name="abc" size=... serial="APCE"/>).

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Re: game id

Post by hking0036 » 08 Jul 2018 06:50

Jimmsu was asking for Title ID, and I think we could use this for multiple purposes.
Can we have more than one gameID field? For example, we can put in the four-letter game ID/Serial information, but also the Title ID for nintendo games which is typically 16 hex digits

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for example?

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Re: game id

Post by Hiccup » 08 Jul 2018 08:39

I thought for CDN dats the title ID was stored in the folder structure of the archive.

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